EWR Software Solutions

eCotton Gin System
The eCotton Gin Management software can handle all facets of cotton ginning efficiently from receiving modules to putting bales on recaps.
eCotton Warehouse System
The Cotton Warehouse System is easy to use, greatly reduces the handling of paper, and simplifies the office work of any warehouse.
Produce Packing System
Manage and track produce packing operations.
Cotton Gin System-RFID interface
Captures and records RFID info on each round module to load numbers in the eCotton Gin System.
The IsMyLoadReady website allows cotton shippers, truckers, and dispatchers to monitor the status of their shipping orders at the cotton warehouse.
eCotton Marketing System
The perfect management solution for smaller cotton merchants. Easily import, sell and ship bales with just a few clicks of the mouse.
The CottonHost website is used by cotton producers to receive dynamic reports on their bales from their gin.
Remote Bale Entry Utility
Remote Bale Entry is a program designed to be used with the eCotton Gin System to allow a gin to enter bale weights right from the press.
Module Dispatcher
Module Dispatcher is a smartphone app that allows users of the eCotton Gin System to upload module information and location for easy dispatch.
This mobile application allows cotton producers to register modules in the field and it instantly transmits the information directly to the producer’s gin.
IRIS is a free communications utility used by any participant of the EWR Cotton Provider system to send and receive data files.
Bale Collector
A mobile application that collects cotton bale numbers when the bales are being loaded onto a truck. The numbers are transmitted to eCotton’s Remote Bale Entry Utility for TA printing.
Mobile Bale Scan
This mobile application allows Cotton warehouses to record bale locations, verify shipping orders, collect received bales, work a picking list, and verify by using a smart phone or tablet.
Accounting Interface
Make manual accounting entries a thing of the past. Easy exporting of all accounting transactions to virtually any accounting software.
Warehouse Dock Entry Utility
Seamlessly transfer of bale data from scale pc to warehouse software. It puts an end to keying errors due to manual entry.
CMA Processing System
For Cotton CMAs, our CMA Processing System is an efficient, full-automated solution with a high level of customization and user control ability.
LSA Processing System
For Cotton LSAs, our LSA Processing System is an efficient, full-automated solution with a high level of customization and user control ability.
Catapult is a utility that allows merchants to build pricing tables (for the eCotton Gin Software) according to their own specifications.
Stamp is simply a communication program that allows users (who are registered to utilize the program) to send data files back and forth at no cost to other registered users.
eCotton’s backup service that allows all types of data (Accounting, personal, and eCotton related data) to be backed up and stored offsite.
This utility allows data files (eCotton and non-eCotton) to be backed up to either a local hard drive or removable media.
Cotton EWR Provider System
The cotton receipt system provides both issuance and audit trails for electronic title of cotton bales, serving every segment of the cotton industry.
Peanut EWR Provider System
Electronic Warehouse Receipts for peanuts is a service that has been offered by EWR, Inc. since 2004. The system includes special features to handle some of the unique aspects of the peanut industry.
A behind-the-scenes database file editor that can directly manipulate the various eCotton database files.
Deliver Anything
This utility can automate the sending of any kind of file via FTP, eMail and AIRMail.
Electronic Service Licensing
The site allows weighers and others at cotton and peanut warehouses to apply and receive licenses online from USDA.
Grain EWR Provider System
EWR, Inc. is a Provider of electronic receipt services for all types of grains, including corn, wheat, and sorghum.
Electronic Receipts
Electronic warehouse receipts for the cotton, peanut, and grain industries.
eCotton Software
Pre-packaged software for Windows and mobile devices.
Web Applications
Web services such as electronic licensing, CottonHost reporting, and shipping updates.
Custom Solutions
Affordable customs software solutions to improve your company's efficiency.